Courses of study

Core Course 

1. English 

2. Modern Indian language (MILL) 

3. Computer Skills. 

1. Geography, 


3.Elective Assamese 


6. Political Science Elective Sociology Major course 


2. Sociology. 





7.Political Science

Moreover we have planned to introduce the major programme from this year. There is an also a center for Distance Education under Dibrugarh University and a center of K.K Handique State Open University.

Academic Schedule: The academic schedule for the BA/B.Sc./B.Com programme is in the semester system administered by the academic calendar of the University published for academic session. 5. Admission notice and Admission criteria: (i) Newspaper notice inviting application for admission into the different programmes shall be issued by the principal of the college /institute as per the academic calendar of the university. The minimum qualification for admission into the following programmes shall be below a. Bachelor of arts (B.A): A student who has passed the higher secondary education Examination (10 +2) of the Assam Higher Education Council, or an equivalent examination (10+2) (b) Recognized as such by the University, shall be illegible for admission into the first semester into the six semester degree course in arts in semester system. (c) Bachelor of science(B.Sc.):A student who has passed Higher secondary examination(10+2)in Science of the Higher Secondary Education Council or an equivalent examination(10+2)recognized as such by the University, shall be eligible for admission into the 1st semester of the Six semester Degree course in science in semester system (d) Bachelor of commerce(B.Com):A student who has passed the Higher Secondary Examination(10+2)in commerce of the Assam higher Secondary Council, or an equivalent examination(10+2)recognized as such by the University, shall be eligible for admission into the First semester of the six semester system degree course in commerce in semester system. ii) The admission criteria shall be fixed by the Academic council from time to time whenever necessary. The college /institute may also adopt own policy for admission or selection of eligible candidates for admission complying with the eligibility criteria prescribed in the clause 5(i) iii)Statutory reservation policy of the government shall be followed in case of selection of eligible candidates 6. Structure of course of the programmes All BA/B.Sc/ programme shall have the following components, viz. i. Compulsory Courses: These courses are the compulsory courses for all students of the students programme concerned. ii) Major courses: Major courses shall be chosen by the students. The courses shall be optional and non-mandatory. iii) Non Major courses: Non major courses shall be chosen by the students, who do not opt for the major courses. iv) Skill -Based courses: A skill based course shall be mandatory for all students pursuing general B.A and B.Sc programmes. The colleges shall offer the skill based courses as per their own infrastructure and human resource feasibility. The skill based courses approved by the University are prescribed in Annexure I (A&B). 7. Subjects: The subjects mentioned below shall be offered in the six semester degree programmers:

A. Bachelor of arts: Core Subjects Elective Subjects: vii) Elective Language (Assamese/Hindi/Bengali) viii) Sanskrit. Ix) History x) Economics xi) Education xii) Philosophy xiii) Political Science xiv) Sociology xv) Mathematics xvi) Statics xvii) Anthropology xviii) Geography xix) Home Science xx) Information Technology xxi) Computer Application. Skill Based Courses: As prescribed in Annexure I (A). The detailed Course Structure for the six semester B.A of General and Major Programme is enclosed as Annexure II.

b) Bachelor of Science: Core Subjects: i) English ii) Modern Indian Language (Mil): Assamese/ Hindi/ Bengali/ Nepali/ Bodo Or Alternative English (in lieu of M.I.L) iii) Computer Skills. iv) Environmental Studies* V) Skill based course (fore general programme only) Elective Subjects: i) Physics ii) Chemistry iii) Botany iv) Zoology v) Anthropology / Geology vi) Geography vii) Statics viii) Mathematics ix) Economics x) Home Science xi) Electronics xii) Computer Science xiii) Information Technology. Skill Based Courses: As prescribed in Annexure I (B). The detailed course stricter for the Six Semester B.Sc. of general and major programmes is enclosed as Annexure III. c) Bachelor of Commerce: The detailed course structure for the six semester of general and major programmes is enclosed as Annexure IV)